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The Soapbox Filipina | February 18, 2018

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The Ang Sens Love Food

Cafe Aquatica: Dining and Aquariums

April 30, 2017 |

Café Aquatica

Café Aquatica at The Promenade in San Juan, Greenhills is a restaurant which us, The Ang Sens frequently visit.

Bagnet Chips

Fish Tanks and Aquariums

We love going to Café Aquatica. It is because it is a concept restaurant which features a fish shop within its restaurant—something that CONTINUE READING HERE

Artsy Cafe: A Colorful Lunch

March 4, 2017 |


Artsy Café: A Colorful Lunch

It was the first time we tried Artsy Café. We usually dine at Mandarin Sky and Oedo in Banawe. Then, the owner of those restaurants and his staff mentioned Artsy Café to us.

The Ang Sens love food. We love to eat CONTINUE READING HERE

Ramen Shokudo: The No MSG Ramen

March 4, 2017 |

Ramen Shokudo: The No MSG Ramen           “The Ang Sens love food. We love to eat out. We stay loyal to some of our favorite restaurants and we keep coming back to where good food is.”

As you must know, my family loves to eat. 

We frequent this Japanese restaurant, at CONTINUE READING HERE

Tong Yang Restaurant

December 3, 2016 |

Tong Yang Restaurant

In Greenhills at the Promenade, we dine at Tong Yang Restaurant, one of the oldest eat-and-drink-all-you-can-restaurant here in the Philippines. Filipino, Chinese, Japanese and Korean dishes are waiting to be cooked. Food is grilled and fried in front of the diners.


Dining experience at Tong YangCONTINUE READING HERE

Press Cafe by FullyBooked

November 27, 2016 |

Press Cafe by FullyBooked

While my son goes around FullyBooked, I hang out at this cafe, inside the book shop.

Yes, a cafe within the bookstore.

Press Cafe by FullyBooked.



At the Promenade in Greenhills, the cafe is located at the back part of the book shop.


Oedo Japanese Restaurant

June 10, 2016 |

Oedo Japanese Restaurant is along Sto. Domingo street in Quezon City. The restaurant is within a stone’s throw from Sienna College. It is exclusively located in a non-commercial area—away from any other restaurants or shops. It is mostly surrounded with residential houses.

Therefore, going there means having to visit the CONTINUE READING HERE