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The Soapbox Filipina | November 23, 2017

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Who is the Soapbox Filipina?

I am 

Pier Angeli Banaag – Ang Sen.

I am  The Soapbox Filipina.

I am a stay at home mom. I am a book lover, an aspiring cook, a dedicated tutor, a movie fan, a storyteller and proud to be Filipino. I was named after a Hollywood Italian actress from the fifties. I am a mom —taking a coffee break from mommy duties. In between sips, I write valuable life experiences acquired from my being a mom and a Filipino.I am a wife to my husband Richard -whom I met in a time, when I was ready to be in a relationship. (and God made sure that  our love for books would bring us together.) We have a son, Rafa, who proves to be quite a handful.




My father is a public servant while my mother used to be a radio announcer. They both had influenced my deep love for my country even as a child. Being the eldest child in a family of eight childrenshaped my character the most.


eight is a magical number, being the eldest is even more magical

I am proud of my humble beginnings.

Growing up in a simple and rural barangay situated near the river, -in a city in Mindanao– influenced many of my aspirations in life and my country.

I was your proverbial probinsyana who went to Manila to study in the state university. Going to the state university for college has taught me to find my voice.

I love everything beautiful and simple about my country; and anything uniquely Filipino.I love my dipper or tabo just as I love being part of my super extended family. I love adobo and the color yellow, -as yellow as the sun that shines brightly on my flag.

As ” writing on ones diary “ slowly evolved in this century and branched out into cyberspace in the form of blogging, my site was born. It has been my personal lectern since I speak and write about the importance of the love for family, for children and for ones roots.

Through my writings, I would like to inspire people to love their families fiercely -while having a profound sense of loyalty to the country. I want my blog to be appreciated and recognized as a blog owned by a mom who loves her country, the same way she does with everything she holds dearly like her family, her husband, her child, her parents, her siblings, her friends, her roots and her values.


My Ang Sen and Ang Hoc Sing Family


My Team Banaag

“I know that life is never beautiful when spent alone. I know that a person is ascertained through the family, friends, love ones and surroundings he keeps. I love to write. Even as a child I had always kept a journal. And writing was my loudest voice; my journal was my soapbox.”


– Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen,

The Soapbox Filipina.




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